Pultrusion is a continuous molding process whereby reinforcing fibers are saturated with a liquid polymer resin and then carefully formed and pulled through a heated die to form a part. Pultrusion results in straight constant cross section parts of virtually any shippable length. The term ‘Pultrusion’ is a combination of two words 'Pull' and ‘Extrusion’. An opposite of Extrusion which pushes the material, Pultrusion works by pulling the material.

The process is cost effective for high volume production of constant cross sectional parts like C Channel, Square Box Pipe, Rectangular Box Pipe, Equal Angle, Unequal Angle, I Beam, H Beam, Round Pipe, Half Round Pipe, Rod, etc.

RIL-VCD is currently having 100+ Pultrusion Machine lines with a manufacturing capacity of 30000+ MTPA of Pultruded Profiles and are planning to have 150+ Pultrusion lines latest by 2019 to achieve the production capacity of 50000+ MTPA to fully cater to the emerging needs of FRP Pultruded Profiles across the globe.

The Pultruded Profiles being manufactured at RIL-VCD are complied with following certification :

  • CTI-137 (Cooling Tower Industry Standard)
  • NEMA (The National Electrical Manufacturers Association – Mainly for Cable Tray & Fittings)
  • EN 13706
  • UL 94 V-0
  • ASTM E-84
  • SERC

Pultruded Structural profiles are being used in almost all Industrial segments. The major products/application of Pultruded Profiles are :

  • Cooling Tower Structural Profiles
  • Cooling Tower Fan Blades
  • Pultruded Grating
  • Perforated type Cable Trays with Fittings
  • Ladder type Cable Trays with Fittings
  • Staircase and Platform
  • Ladder & Cage Ladders
  • Decking System
  • Walkway
  • Bridges